Metal Non-Twisted Cup Brush for Removing Rust, Paint and Polishing (Red and Black, Standard Size)

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  • ideal for rust removing
  • cleaning edges

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Wire Cup Brush with twisted twines for that heavier task. The wires are twisted into tight spirals to maximize abrasive action. Allowing for fast removal of heavy rust & paint. Hardened steel wire securely fastened in a safety-designed cup. Application:Ideal for removing rust, scale, and paint also cleaning and preparing of metal surfaces. Designed for use with angle grinders Ideal for The Home, Workshop, Hobbyists, Tradesmen, Builders and DIY Enthusiasts,etc. miniUsed for Twist knot cup brushes are ideal for heavy duty cleaning of metal surfaces Used to remove rust, scale, paint or other debris Fit most 4 Inch and 4-1/2 Inch angle grinder Can work with Maximum 8500 RPM miniThe Brush Used For: Heavy duty cleaning of large metal surfaces Rust and paint removal Removal of weld scale and corrosion Surface preparation for paint or welding Auto body pre-finishing and repair miniFeatures Our wire wheel brush cup is made up of premium quality materials that is proven and tested for its durability and functionality Made of high quality bristle with innovative spiral knotted wires construction for a narrow face, rust, spatter and paint removal, surface conditioning and preparation This has thick knotted wheel feature that is great for small spaces and borders It is guaranteed long lasting and can survive heavy usage Our grinder brush can be used to remove rust from old farriers, rasp for knife-making and is also best tool for rust removal, corrosion and paint

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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