Replacement Chainsaw Chain 16 Inch 3/8 .050 57DL Drive Link Chainsaw Saw Mill Chain For Wood Cutting Garden Tool Parts LP1612 ( Size-16 Inches, Material-Metal, Color-Multi, 1 Pcs )

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  • Included Components: 16 Inch Chainsaw Saw Chain Blade
  • The Quenching Process Adopts Full Automatic Temperature Control Treatment With High Hardness.
  • Special Feature : Widely used for forest harvesting, chopping fire wood & lopping, building material to cut wood, bamboo harvest, etc.lakdi use branch cuter working woodcutter Tilt stopper teeth, steel reduce recoil. Easy maintenance, handy work.
  • Powercut saw chain possesses all of those qualities. Powercut uses full chisel cutters that cut quickly through timber with precise cuts.
  • High Hardness Chain: With the deep quenching treatment and alloy guide wheel, the chainsaw has long service life, no need for frequent replacement. In addition, the design of widening and thickening protection plate can block splashing debris.

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Made of Structural alloy steel 8660 materials, hardened by quenching process after forming. The quenching process adopts full automatic temperature control treatment with high hardness, high density and wear-resisting. The tensile resistance is very good.Easy to install and convenient to use. mini chain saw machine oa for trees cutting or angle grinder fit attachment tools electric stand bracket set 16" 18" 22 inch for tree cuter cutter wood chopper charging matching lakda star garndr electic chinswa chinsow chinsaw chinesaw anglegrinder extension boschangle trees cutting angle grinder attachment tools electricsarpner handheld mm pcs price file sharpener wooden show kit portable adapter guide bracket electrical engine home sharpening operated woodcutter accessories machine saw cutter wood cutting tree electric petrol grinder inch angle hand mini tools small attachment power battery set tool blade price file sharpener axe chen woodworking katar grinding gasoline stand lakdi cordless parts chains honda joint band bari extra shape chanesaw cast chene i ring sawchain tarnar only high cutters sharpen carbon glander mecine woodcutting wedge sauran hands ultra touch chensow helmet sew sithl gas kaatne inchi chein greenworks woodsaw logs safety teeth instrument tooth chian replacement chanswa hackshaw chean chargeable made table hood products katr knife cainsaw trimming lakadi cating lakadi cating woodworking katar grinding treecutters cuttersaw Safety of sawing, effectively improve the efficiency of your work.The chain interval with the counter-attack shrapnel, guide oil hole, make to use more secure. These saw chains are an improved version of the Titan saw chain and are semi professional chainsPerfect for garden or agricultural use Chainsaw chain. Durable chain for lawn and garden.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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