Professional Drill Brush 5pcs Crimped Brass Coated Steel Wire Wheel & Cup Brush Set ( set of 5, Color-Golden & silver, Material- Brass/steel )

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Included Components : Set of 5 piece wheel Wire Brush 1 x 75mm steel wire cup brush, 1 x 50mm steel wire cup brush, 1 x 30mm wire brush, 1 x 75mm Wire wheel with mounted 1/4inch Shank, 1 x 50mm Wire wheel with mounted 1/4inch Shank Special Feature : Good for rust removal, paint stripping, deburring sharp edges, edge blending, etc. Can be used on drills for wood sanding and wire drawing, polishing and texturing of metal and non-metal. Brass coated stainless steel bristles for heavy duty scrubbing jobs. Brass coated bristles clean metal parts without damaging surface or danger of sparking Ideal tool for woodworking, home and industrial use. The ideal shape especially for hard-to-reach areas brushing.

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Brass plated crimped wire cup brush, knotted steel wire cup brush and carbon knot wire end brush. Maximum 4500 RPM. Carefully selected premium wire steel, bound & balanced expertly & properly together for unsurped knotted integrity for longer life, safety, smoothness & ease of use. Designed for easy access into narrow holes and confined areas. Crimped style for light to medium duty applications, remove rust, scale and paint in hard to reach areas. Easily and smoothly remove heavy corrosion, rust, paint, spatter and scale removal while also clean weld edges, debur metal and paint. Suitable for both metal and wood, used to clean metal surfaces, also works well for removing rust, paint, and corrosion. Feature: Premium Wire Construction Attaches to Most Power Drills colour: gold + silver Material: steel Package Contents: 1 * 75mm steel wire cup brush 1 * 50mm steel wire cup brush 1 * 30mm wire brush 1 * 75mm Wire wheel with mounted 1/4inch Shank 1 * 50mm Wire wheel with mounted 1/4inch Shank Material:Copper Plated Crimped Steel . - Steel Diameter:0.3mm. - Shank Size:6mm. - Wheel Brush Size:50mm. - Cup Brush Size:50mm. - End Brush Size:20mm. - Max Rotation Speed:4500rpm. Only the above package content, other products are not included.
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Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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