Glace Cotton King Size Double Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers (Multicolour)

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Sales Package: 1 Double Beddheet With 2 Pillow Covers (DIWALI OFFER) Flat (L x W): 228 cm x 228 cm Material: Microfiber ,Color-Light Grey Thread Count: 144,Machine Washable:Yes Fabric Care: Normal Wash. Don't Use Bleach. Sold By:RS FURNISHING

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Double Bedsheet A good night's sleep starts with soft, cozy sheets that let your body breathe. Bedsheets can make (or break) your sleeping experience. Sheets envelop your body while you sleep and can either contribute to a better night’s sleep or distract from it. The texture, feel, warmth, and moisture wicking capabilities all contribute to your comfort while you doze. Material Cotton is an excellent choice for bed sheets, as this material is soft and comfortable. Being machine-washable and breathable, it allows for easy maintenance and a comfy night’s rest, no matter the season. The high-quality material, coupled with the weave, which lends the sheet softness, longevity and also affects the appearance, makes for a high-quality sheet. Overview got a bed for you - want to drape it with something spectacular - our poly-cotton double bed sheet with two pillow covers is a perfect choice. The floral design in white and pink is going to liven up your home decor and give you a very peaceful; serene at home helping you relax every day. This type of fabric keeps it shape and colour and it doesn't shrink. Durability this exquisite double bed sheet with two pillow covers is made of this fabric which is a result of combining polyester with cotton. This is a sturdy material which is long-lasting. Poly-cotton is well known for holding the dye firmly and hence forth keeping the decor intact for longer.

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Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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