Axe Signature Dark Temptation Body Perfume, 154 ml

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*AXE Signature body perfume for men *Daily body perfume with 0 percent gas *From the world’s number one male deo *Long-lasting fragrance with 3X more perfume *Irresistible chocolate fragrance *Signature fragrances for men who don’t fade away

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The World’s number 1 Male Deodorant AXE, presents ‘Axe Signature’ a range of premium body perfumes with 0 percent gas. Designed by the world's leading perfumers, Axe Signature body perfumes are concentrated with 3X more perfume. These body perfumes are not only stronger, they also last longer, helping you make an unforgettable impression when it matters the most.Start your day with this irresistible fragrance. Enriched by the mischievous interplay of unique seductive ingredients, this long-lasting fragrance has been crafted for a refreshing beat in AXE’s iconic style. Powered by the unique intense fragrance of dark chocolate that leans toward seductive bliss, this deodorant has been designed for the metrosexual man. The bottle is extremely lightweight which makes it travel friendly. It is not just an ideal gift for yourself but for your loved ones too. The mesmerizing deodorant bodyspray, Axe Dark Temptation is safe on skin and is suitable for everyday use. So charm the world with your urban sexiness and the power of Axe Dark Temptation Perfume.

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