Airpod Pro with Wireless Charging case and Calling Feature

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  • This is the AirPod Pro with Touch Sensor and True Wireless conectivity. You will never find it anywhere because it's our special Product for High Bass Lover. This is really awesome and high quality product. I am sure you will fall in love with this.
  • Features : One-step connection, Automatic pairing, High Bass System, Stereo Sound Quality, Comfortable with ears, One-button control, Bluetooth 5.0, Long battery life, Intelligent compatibility, Noise Reduction with Active noice cancellation, Decomposition structure, Mini size.
  • Description of headset buttons Play and pause music: Touch twice Answer/End call: Touch twice Calling Siri: Long press Next song: Touch the right three times in a row Previous song: Touch the left three times in a row.
  • The earbuds can be used separately after successful pairing. Not only listening to both earbuds in stereo mode, but also it can be used as monopods to enjoy the music & take calls.
  • Satisfied and Happy Customers are our true property. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Your feedback is very important for us. Please contact us if you have any questions or any complaints.

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Product description

This is the all new AirPod Pro with High quality. This is high quality masterpiece. The all-new AirPod Pro carries the magical sound you always wanted to hear. The Active Noise Cancellation feature has been added to keep noise away. Experience an immersive sound with utmost transparency. AIRPOD PRO IN-EAR DESIGN FOR A GREAT, CUSTOM FIT The AirPod Pro is specially designed to be comfortable and give you a secure fit without the interruption of unwanted noise around you. The three sizes of soft and flexible ear-tips give you the option to adjust the fit according to your ears. ONLY YOUR MUSIC GETS TO DISTURB YOU WITH ON-DEMAND ANC The AirPod Pro delivers a sound that cuts out the noise and offers a relaxing time with your music. The Active Noise Cancellation in these in-ear headphones adjusts to the ear-tips' fit as well as the geometry of your ear to block unwanted noise away. DUAL-MICROPHONE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SENSING AND SMART ADAPTABLE NOISE CANCELLATION An outward-facing microphone detects external sound and then counters it with equal anti-noise, pushing the external noise far away even before you can hear it. An inward-facing microphone listens for any additional unwanted sound and eliminates it with anti-noise. The AirPod Pro makes sure that the noise cancellation is adjusted so that you can have uninterrupted calls & Music. EASY MODE SWITCHING BETWEEN NOISE CANCELLATION AND SOUND TRANSPARENCY CUSTOM-BUILT DRIVERS FOR POWERFUL BASS AND 'BEATS' The drivers offer an extraordinary sound that makes the AirPod Pro all the more enjoyable. The custom-built high-excursion and low-distortion speaker driver delivers powerful bass. The inward-facing microphone fine-tunes the audio and adjusts the mid and low frequencies. SMART H1 CHIP FOR LOWER LATENCY, FASTER CONNECTION, AND EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE H1 chip contains 10 audio cores which powers the speaker driver to remove the unwanted noise and produces crystal-clear sound while extending the battery life.

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Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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